November 2, 2021



Sometimes when we speak to our girls about periods they have questions that they are too shy or embarrassed to ask.  Just because they say they don’t have to questions, doesn’t mean they really don’t have them.  It can be hard for them to voice their questions.  They may think they are silly for asking.

I give the girls space at our workshops to ask questions, and I’m always encouraged and sometimes surprised at how much thought they’ve put into these questions.  I can tell there are some that have been playing on their minds for some time.

Here are some real questions that have been asked in my workshops.  If one girl has these questions, you can guarantee many others do too!  Keep in mind they have come from girls aged between 9 and 12.

  • “What is better to use, tampon or pad”
  • “Is it possible too much blood gets out?”
  • “How many times do you have your period a year?”
  • “Whats your first period story and how did you handle it?”
  • “If you put it in a wrong spot can you damage your vagina”
  • “Does your period ever end?”
  • “Why do we get discharge!!!!!!?”
  • “Does your period benefit you in anyway?”
  • “Why do we grow hair in weird spots?”
  • “Why does our stomach get sore?”
  • “Why do we go through puberty?”
  • “When do you wear a pad or tampon? Is it everyday? How do you know when?”
  • “What if we get our period while we are swimming?”
  • “Why don’t you get your period when you’re pregnant?”
  • “How do you know when you’re starting your period?”
  • “Why do we feel emotional at random times for no exact reason?”
  • “If you get your period at school and you don’t want to tell your teacher, who do you tell?”
  • “Does it hurt when you get your period?”

You can be prepared by bringing up these questions before they ask.  This will help encourage more questions and openness, as they start to recognise that you already know how they are feeling

Are you surprised by these questions?

Would you be prepared for the answers?

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