Seven signs your daughter’s period is coming


For our young girls, puberty can sound scary and gross.  They know their bodies are about to change, but they don’t know how or when exactly.  The scariest part is WHEN will they start their period?  Some girls can get their periods as young as 8 and as late as 16, and in our culture the average age is 12.

So, how do you know when your daughter will get her period?  Well, we can never be sure exactly, and there is no way of speeding it up or slowing it down.  However, we can get a good idea that it’s not far away by other signs. Note, there is no right or wrong order to this, each girl is different.


1. Breasts start to grow.  First they bud.  You may notice them sticking out a little further or the nipple area growing.  The buds are quite hard to the touch and can be quite tender.  Evening Primrose Oil can be an option to help with any tenderness.  Periods come generally 2-3 years after first budding.

2. Growth spurt. You’ll notice in her height, her hands and her feet.  Some girls grow 10cm in the year before they start their period, and many girls are at, or near their adult height by the time their period comes.

3.  Weight Gain:   You might notice that she is getting chubbier.  This is not only normal, but necessary for girls for sufficient amount of oestrogen to build up.  This can happen just before puberty starts, or throughout the process.  Around 16 she can go through another period of weight gain.  Again, this is her hormones working themselves out, and things will normalise.  As long as your daughter is active, eating well and having pain-free periods, this should not be of concern.

4. Sweatier and oilier.  You may notice oilier hair and little breakouts on her face, as well as more sweatiness.   When she’s ready to start using deodorants, seek options that don’t contain Aluminium or parabens.  Both of these toxins interfere with oestrogen levels, and can cause hormone imbalances, which lead to a number of other nasty side affects.  There are plenty of natural alternatives now.  Personally, I am a heavy sweater, and have found great results with No Pong.  Biome or your local health shop will also be a great place to look.

5. More hair:  Firstly it’ll be the hair on her arms and legs that thicken up and get darker.  Then she may mention more hair around her pubic area and underarms.  To start it’ll be soft and lighter, and will gradually get thicker and darker.

6. Cervical fluid/discharge.  She might notice this as white or yellow stains in her knickers. This fluid or mucus can begin 6-18 months before her period starts.  The few weeks leading up to her first period this fluid can become thicker and more like egg white.  This will then continue once she has her period throughout other stages of her cycle, and will be the most telling sign of being fertile.  It’s important to know what is normal and not normal fluid.  While the consistency changes throughout the cycle, it should not smell, itch or change colour.  If anything does change it’s a sign of infection.  It’s also worth noting that soap on the outside is all that is needed for cleaning.  Panty liners can be used on those days where there is more cervical fluid.  You can go for reusable options, like Hannah-Pad, or Modibodi, or if disposable use organic and biodegradable options, like Tsuno.

7. Moods.  Those infamous moods!  You might notice her feeling happier or angrier than usual at times.  It can be scary for them at times, the anger they feel all of a sudden.  She might also feel more strongly about someone, in a way she haven’t felt before.  It’s those hormones rushing through.  She might not say it, but having a bit more one on one time with you at this time may be just enough to support her through.  Making regular dates together is very worthwhile.

Help your daughter be prepared by talking about the changes and allowing her to ask questions.  Much of the fear comes from the unknown, and the more they know, they more comfortable they are.

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