September 30, 2019

Gold Coast Workshop – Sunday 6th June


Rewrite the way we have the “period chat” to a more empowering, more nurturing way, and begin having more open and comfortable conversations with your children with ease and joy!

Hello Beautiful Mama!

Things are so different for our young girls now aren’t they.  If we could lead them through their teen years loving and trusting their bodies, and not being ashamed or disgusted with what is so natural, we would all feel so much more at ease wouldn’t we?  Any of this sound kinda familiar?

  • You’re finding it hard to start the conversation around periods, or you’re finding resistance to your attempts to start the conversation
  • You want a daughter who is confident and comfortable with her first period and what puberty brings
  • You want to be having open and honest conversations, and an improved willingness from your daughter to talk about anything  
  • You want to connect with your daughter on a level that acknowledges their transition from child to young women
  • You want to normalise the conversation around periods and put your worried or anxious girls mind at ease
  • You want to know more about different menstrual hygiene products, and want to give your child the best choice for them.
  • You want your daughter to learn about her body from a wholistic and empowering point of view, with no shame, fear or embarrassment

How amazing would that be if that was our reality.  With all of the mothers I have had through these workshops, 99% didn’t have this experience, but definitely want it for their own daughters.  Including myself!

Wouldn’t it feel so wonderful if…

  • Your daughter confidently came to you with any conversation that empowered her with body confidence, and this was a normal process in your home.
  • Your daughter understood what was happening with her body week to week and could work with her own bodies cues
  • Your daughter was confident when her period arrived, and didn’t’ feel shameful, disgusted or embarrassed.
  • Your daughters learning experience was fun and informative, and you experienced it together.

 If you are nodding your head to all of this, then you are in the right place.  I created this program just for your and your beautiful daughters.

I truly believe that our young daughters have a big role to play in this world, and understanding and trusting their bodies from the time their periods arrive is an important part in this.



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Empowering our girls with a new period chat.

An interactive workshop discussing:
– The female anatomy and the changes we go through during puberty
– What happens when we bleed
– Menstrual product options, with an emphasis on sustainable and non-toxic options.
– The inner seasons of the menstrual cycle
– How to take good care of ourselves throughout our entire cycle, with lots of tips for those first few days
– Creating a rite of passage

9:45 – Workshop begins for the girls
12:30 – Mums join for shared lunch and afternoon session.
2:30 – Workshop ends

For full workshop schedule see WORKSHOP DETAILS 


1/12 Simpson Street

Terms and Conditions
If restrictions to gatherings change due to Covid19, you will be given the option to reschedule to another in-person workshop or a virtual workshop.


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