November 16, 2021


Periods Products

So you’ve heard about period underwear, but you can’t quite get your head around them.

Do I wear them with pads?

How often do I change them?

Do you actually reuse them, or throw them away?

How do you wash them?

I’ve heard all the questions, and in this video, from a module of my Happy Flow online course, I answer them.  And yes, they now even have period SWIMWEAR!

Period Underwear brands I recommend include:


Love Luna

My NickerBot


Ruby Love



Happy Flow is an online course for girls aged 9-12 and their mums/carers to do together.  It can be done before or after she gets her first period.

Happy Flow educates and empowers girls to prepare for and embrace their period and help them understand the change their body is about to go through. We show them it’s a natural process and nothing to be ashamed of, as well as help them feel safe having conversations with their mum/carer through the journey.

This is not your usual read a book and discover, Happy Flow covers all the details to make your daughter confident and comfortable with her body, it’s ALL the details I wish I knew when I first started my period, and it’s also a time to bond over.  She knows you have her back!

We talk about:

  • How to prepare for this time as a mother
  • Learning the female reproductive anatomy in a fun and relatable way
  • The how’s, what’s, why’s and when’s of our first period
  • How menstrual hygiene products work and what is the best one for you
  • How we feel and behave differently through the four inner seasons or phases of our menstrual cycle
  • How to track your cycle and why it’s so important
  • The importance of honouring this Rite of Passage, and how to do it in the most appropriate way for your daughter

If you’re ready to be having open and supportive conversations with your daughter, and ensure she is fully informed and confident with her first period, sign up to Happy Flow here now.

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