O N L I N E   C O U R S E 


Empowering your daughter to be comfortable with

her first period, understand her menstrual cycle,

and welcome her into becoming a young woman.

Happy Flow 

Rewrite the way we have the “period chat” to a more empowering, more nurturing way, and begin having more open and comfortable conversations with your children with ease and joy!


Our periods are about so much more than a bleed once a month.  Our menstrual cycle signals our overall wellbeing and leads us through four different stages of being.
Let’s change the way we talk about periods and give our daughters the full picture.


Happy Flow is for you if…


 You’re finding it hard to start the conversation around periods, or you’re finding resistance to your attempts to start the conversation

You want a daughter who is confident and comfortable with her first period and what puberty brings

You want to be having open and honest conversations, and an improved willingness from your daughter to talk about anything  

You want to connect with your daughter on a level that acknowledges their transition from child to young women

You want to normalise the conversation around periods and put your worried or anxious girls mind at ease

You want to know more about different menstrual hygiene products, and want to give your child the best choice for them.

You want your daughter to learn about her body from a wholistic and empowering point of view, with no shame, fear or embarrassment

You want your daughters learning experience to be fun and informative, and you want to experience it together

Over 4 weeks we’ll work through


Setting your daughter up to have body confidence, through reflecting on our thoughts toward our own cycle

Creating a sense of belonging and a safe space

The changing body through puberty

Learning the female reproductive anatomy in a fun and relatable way

The how’s, what’s, why’s and when’s of our first period

What is and isn’t a normal period

Fluctuations with our first cycles

Facts about menstrual hygiene products

How menstrual hygiene products work and what is the best one for you

How we feel and behave differently through the four inner seasons or phases of our menstrual cycle

How to track your cycle and why it’s so important

The importance of honouring this Rite of Passage, and how to do it in the most appropriate way for your daughter

Access to private Facebook community to ask further questions and get support


Meet your guide…

Hello and welcome.  My name is Milina, a mother of three and the founder of Beyond the Cusp. A few years ago when my oldest daughter was 9 I started to think about how I wanted to talk to my daughter’s about their periods and their changing body.  As I researched I found that I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew so I decided to educate myself on what the menstrual cycle actually was. My mind was blown, and I actually felt felt ripped off. I felt like for the last twenty years I had not known my own body, and had instead felt embarrassed and ashamed.  The more I learnt, the more I was convinced that I did not want the same thing for my daughters.

I went from not talking to my daughters at all about their bodies and their periods, to having open and honest conversations.  And my daughter’s went from hiding under a blanket whenever I mentioned the word puberty or periods, to now asking whatever they want, whenever they want, like it was any normal conversation.  They understand cycles, what it is to be a female and they’re not only comfortable with getting their first period, they’re excited about it. I did not grow up with such open conversations, but I pushed through all the awkwardness, because I wanted their story to be different.  Believe me, If I can do this so can you!

I truly believe that our young girls have a big part to play in changing this world. If we all can help them with trusting, acknowledging and loving their bodies for what they are I truly believe that they will feel more empowered.   The Teenage Years are hard enough without having to worry or feel ashamed or feel embarrassed by what is purely and natural and healthy function of the female body.

 This is why I started Beyond The Cusp.  I found so many of my friends were in the same boat. They didn’t know how to talk to their daughters about periods and they wanted to change their own story. They wanted to do things differently to how they experienced things.  If you want for your daughter a different experience then I’d love for you to come in, have a look at what I do, and share this amazing knowledge with your daughter’s too. 

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Frequently Asked Questions?

How will the course be delivered?

From the 30th of April, you will receive access to all the course content via an online platform.  The content will be delivered in 9 modules through video content, with transcript also available for hearing impaired.

What age is the online course aimed at?

The ideal age for the Happy Flow online course is from 9 – 12 years, however I recommend that you gauge where your own daughter is at in terms of physical development and mental readiness.  If she is an early developer and you think that at 9 she may not be far away from having her first period, or she is very curious about the changes she is about to go through, then she may be well and truly ready.  If she is showing no physical signs, and really not yet interested, even at 10 or 11, you may want to wait until she is feeling more ready, and instead gently start normalising the conversation yourself.
There is no one size fits all, but the more the girls know before they have their period, the less anxiety they feel when it does come.

What if my daughter already has her period, is it still suitable?

Absolutely.  While she may know what her body is going through, she may still feel anxious about certain things, and may also not feel like it’s a subject that is talked about freely.  There are also subjects I talk about, that I didn’t know myself until my late 30’s! 

I have suffered from Endometriosis and really painful periods.  Do you cover this?

Firstly, I am so sorry you’ve experienced this.  I wholeheartedly believe that periods should not be painful, and pain certainly shouldn’t be just something we “put up with”.  While we don’t talk about endometriosis specifically, we do talk about what is normal and not normal while we are bleeding and at other times of our cycle.  Self awareness and self care is a big topic.  This is important to mention, as our lifestyle while we are NOT bleeding definitely has an impact on how we feel when we are bleeding.  I am currently working on a list of practitioners to recommend if abnormal pain is occurring.  Please watch this space.

My daughter really is not interested, but I’d love for her to partake.  What do you suggest?

I get it.  It can be very daunting watching things about something you are completely embarrassed or fearful about.  If you can encourage a friend or sister to watch along with her, it may make things easier. Doing these things with friends not only makes it easier on the day, it also encourages a bond between friends, making it easier for them to talk about with each other as they go through the changes.  We are smashing the taboo ladies!

I also asked my 11 year old daughter what she would recommend in this situation.  After a little think she said “Bribe them”.  Haha!  I questioned further, asking what kind of thing would work for her.  She replied “Movie out with Mum and my favourite dessert”.  I’m sharing this because sometimes it can be just that little bit of extra one on one time with Mum that can be enticing enough.  Part of the course is aimed just for the girls, so they may be comfortable to watch alone. Any of it is for the both of you.

I can’t talk to my daughter about anything period related, she is so resistant and embarrassed by it.  How do I get her to come along?

This is very common, and is perfectly okay.  I suggest firstly start to normalise having a period.  Mention when you have yours and how you might be feeling on any particular day.  If you don’t have a monthly period for whatever reason, normalise having a cycle.  You may still notice you feel a little more tired or unfocused during certain weeks.  Mention these times as part of your natural cycle.  The more you normalise it, the less embarrassed she may feel, seeing that you are not embarrassed by it.
You could then make this time about you and her.  A special day to honour a special time.  Either before or after the workshop you could schedule in a meal or ice-cream, or even have a mother-daughter date and watch a movie.  You could carve out a special time for each of you to share.   Just that extra bit of one on one time with Mum could be enough to entice her to attend.

I’m a single Dad and out of my depth, can my daughter and I be involved?

Thank you so much for contacting me.  I love how you want to be involved.  I was raised by a single Dad myself and I know the importance of your role at this time.  I am currently working on ways to involve fathers and daughters.  Please watch this space, and if you have any thoughts or ideas, I’d love to hear them.  Please email me via my contact page here.

Do you offer anything for girls over 13?

Watch this space for more events catered specifically to girls who are already menstruating.  If you’re daughter is 13 or over and has not started her period yet, this course would still be suitable.

I’ve been a period avoider most of my life.  I see it as a nuisance.  Seeing some of your posts I think I may not be a great example to my daughter when it comes to her period.  Do you offer any courses to help Mums with their views?

I had been a period avoider for a long time myself, and thought of it as a nuisance. You are definitely not in the minority, and many of the mothers are not aware of some of what I teach. It’s okay though, we don’t know any different because we haven’t been given the knowledge. We are all in the process of reclaiming our own bodies (I know that sounds very new age!).
Although this particular course reflects on thoughts toward your cycle, and how this impacts your daughter, I don’t have anything on offer for adults at this stage.  I do, however, know a lot of places to start.
Firstly, the book Wild Power was a game changer for me.  I still read it and refer to it often.
Fantastic people who either have books, e-books or offer courses on Menstrual Cycle Awareness include Maisie HillClaire BakerNat Kringoudisand Alisha Kruger.

I have another question.

I’m happy to answer all of your questions.  Please email me at beyondthecusp@milinaopsenica.com