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Books to teach your daughter about her menstrual cycle

Want to start or keep the conversation going with some books?  This resource includes books broken up over age ranges with many that are great to read together.  Some of these books are aimed at those who have yet to get their period.  Others will be great for older girls who want to know more.  Also listed are recommendations of books to help us parent our girls through these teen years.



Resources to learn more about your own menstrual cycle

There is so much about our menstrual cycle we were never taught, and that are still being discovered!  This list of books, podcasts, and experts to follow will get you up to speed with everything related to your cycle and how it affects physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.  This really is our super power ladies.  Even if you no longer have a period, your body still cycles in the same way.  Many of these resources cover how we can learn to live in sync with our cycle, even without a period.



Basal Body Temperature Chart

Know when your next period will come using Basal Body Temperature.  Download the free BBT chart and guide to know when you have ovulated and when your period will arrive.  No more unexpected periods!


So you’re at the point where your daughter is growing, probably a lot quicker than you expected, and it’s time to have more open conversations around periods.  This guide is just some of the ways I have helped mums and carers have more open conversations and prepare their daughters confidently and comfortable, without shame or embarrassment.