November 19, 2020



Do you want to include some Christmas gifts that are going to help empower your daughter this year?  I’ve got you covered!  Some fun gifts, some gifts that her body will thank her for, and some gifts that will have her feeling confident about who she is!

Adairs Karina Jambrak Palmeraie Quilt Cover Set
RED Swimwear Racerback One Piece. No need to miss out on swimming when you have your period again!
Habitual Beauty Rose Quartz Roller. Helps to reduce inflammation around pimples and acne
Brynn & Co. Faded Sun Embroidery Kit. For those lazy summer holiday afternoons
50 Things You Need to Know About Periods : Know your flow and live in sync with your cycle by Clare Baker
Always Ready Period Kit - All your daughter needs for her school bag or overnight stay
Hanami - TEN FREE Nail Polish Mini Collection. This collection of nude nail polishes from Hanami is TEN FREE, meaning that the formula does not contain some of the most lethal and toxic ingredients you would find in mainstream nail polishes
Sunnylife Electric Bloom Shower Speaker
Clay Face Mask Kit
Reaching for The Moon by Lucy H Pearce
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