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How often does a girl get her period?
What is a normal cycle length when you first start your period? When girls first start their period, and potentially for the following 2-3 years, their cycles do not follow the 26-32 day norm that we are used to.  Some things to remember. - A normal cycle length for girls can be anywhere from 21-45 days, with an average cycle l ...
My journey to teaching girls about periods – Part Two
In part one I spoke about how learning about my menstrual cycle in my forties left me feeling sad and ripped off that I didn’t know these things earlier.  I went through 20+ years of my life disconnected and uneducated about my body. I don’t want the same for my children. But Beyond The Cusp is much bigger than that.  There’s be ...
10 things your daughter really wants to know about her period
Do you remember the time before your period started?  The questions you had about it?  The worries and fears you had around it? Do you remember talking to your friends about what it was like and what happened when it did come? I don't either! When you're decades into your menstruating years, you can take for granted what y ...