Train as a Workshop Facilitator

Create change in your community by empowering girls with the knowledge of their bodies and what the menstrual cycle is for all women.

No more secrecy, no more shame, no more taboo.


The Facilitator Training is for you if…


 You are yearning to work with young women in menstrual cycle education?

 You are ready to be a voice of change in how our young girls love and accept their bodies?

 You want to help normalise the conversation around periods and to shift the taboo that we have been enshrouded with?

 You want to help mothers and daughters embody open and loving conversations around what is innately female?

 You feel called to help more women learn about cycle wisdom?

 You know that these young girls are going to be the running our world in the future, and you are passionate about empowering them.

 You want to change the current shame narrative for your own girls.


Meet your guide…

Hi, I’m Milina, founder of Beyond The Cusp.  I started Beyond The Cusp in early 2019.  A few years ago when my oldest daughter was 9 I started to think about how I wanted to talk to my daughter’s about their periods and their changing body.  As I researched I found that I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew so I decided to educate myself on what the menstrual cycle actually was. My mind was blown, and I actually felt felt ripped off. I felt like for the last twenty years I had not known my own body, and had instead felt embarrassed and ashamed.  The more I learnt, the more I was convinced that I did not want the same thing for my daughters.

This is why I started Beyond The Cusp.  I found so many of my friends were in the same boat. They didn’t know how to talk to their daughters about periods and they wanted to change their own story. They wanted to do things differently to how they experienced things.  If you want for your daughter a different experience then I’d love for you to come in, have a look at what I do, and share this amazing knowledge with your daughter’s too. 

When I first started facilitating these workshops, I knew the message was one that I wanted to be able to spread as far as possible. I’ve been able to take these workshops to different cities across Australia and New Zealand, country towns and now even online and virtually. The response has been incredibly fulfilling.

I wasn’t sure how I could spread this even further, until I was contacted in a matter of days by a few women asking if I could train them to run the workshops in this area. It took me a few months of working out the best course of action, and I’ve finally come up with a program that I feel fully supports those who partake to run successful workshops and make the impact they want to make with their own community.  

I now have a wonderful community of women making a difference in their own community’s.  Changing the way our young girls see they bodies, celebrating their menstrual cycle, and opening up conversations in their households. 

And for a little more about me:
I’m a Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon and Gemini Rising.

In Human Design I’m a Manifestor.

“The training was brilliantly set out in order to fit into any lifestyle, watching online video’s and the resources provided mean that you can literally hit the ground running with your own workshop.  If you are interested in empowering young girls to foster a greater understanding of their menstrual cycle and work in this field I would highly recommend this training program.”  

Brenda Spilva – Workshop Facilitator

workshop facilitator

About the Course:

The Course is broken down into 8 week modules, taken online and at your own pace.  We cover:

1 – Alignment
2 – Ideal Client
3 – Workshop Schedule
4 – Workshop Setup
5 – Onboarding
6 – Marketing
7 – Putting it all together
8 – Mindset

During those 8 weeks we have weekly live zoom Q + A sessions to assist with that weeks schedule.  (Timing of these zooms are determined by who is taking the course and the timezones they are in.  I try to make a time that everyone can make)

As well as that, I offer 4 months of continued support to assist you with getting your first workshop up and running (and perhaps more).

Your workshops are listed on my website, socials and newsletter for 12 months.  After the 12 months, a small monthly subscription fee is required to continue with supported marketing.

The facilitators can work under their own name, with the workshops run as “Beyond The Cusp” workshops.  There are no additional licensing fees, and all of what the facilitators take home from their workshops is 100% theirs.

Another important point to note, is that while the four sections of the workshop will be the basis of the teachings, facilitators are encouraged to adapt the workshops to suit their own market and to bring in their own personality.  I firmly believe that we all have important stories to share, and we can all impact our communities in our own individual way.


One Time payment of $1797 AUD or 5 monthly payments of $379 AUD  (With the pricing schedule I recommend, this could be made back in one or two workshops)

If this sounds like something you are called to do, I’d love to jump on a zoom call with you to answer any further questions.